Taurimed - Holistic health

Holistic healthcare at the Wildkogel Resorts

The Wildkogel Resorts in the Oberpinzgau region of Austria are launching an initiative together with Taurimed to offer both residents and non-residents a wide range of healthcare services in the heart of the Alps. These services include not only traditional healthcare but also nutrition and prevention. Standard medicine, natural healing and complementary treatments ensure a holistic and rounded approach.

Please call to book an appointment

We are happy to organise appointments for both residents of the region and resort guests. We are also a Uniqa partner. Contact us by phone or e-mail, we will take care of your concerns reliably and quickly.

Uniqa VitalCheck Services:

We record your medical history and identify existing risk factors.

Our Uniqa VitalCheck includes a thorough physical examination to assess your state of health.

Benefit from a comprehensive laboratory analysis as part of the Uniqa VitalCheck. We carry out complete blood counts, TSH, liver and kidney values, blood lipids (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides), iron and electrolyte tests, ESR as well as CEA and PSA tests for men.

Uniqa VitalCheck includes important tests to assess your lung function.

Examinations of the upper abdomen, kidneys, retroperitoneum, carotid artery and thyroid gland.

Detailed medical history and risk factor assessment.
Resting ECG, exercise ECG and echocardiography (cardiac ultrasound).

"Our aim is to help and support our patients all the way through until old age."

Dr Peter Ilsinger
Dr Peter Ilsinger

A doctor you can trust

Main qualifications
Specialist doctor for internal medicine
Focus on diseases of the liver, stomach and colon
Focus on blood diseases and cancer
General practitioner

Additional qualifications

  • Homeopathy diploma (Austrian Academy of Physicians)
  • Acupuncture
  • Occupational medicine
  • International diploma for hypnosis

Specialist fields

  • Laboratory analyses
  • Ultrasound
  • Stool sample analysis
  • Colonoscopy (full anasthetic)
  • Resting electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Exercise ECG
  • 24-hour ECG
  • 24-hour blood-pressure monitoring
  • Heart ultrasound
  • Blood pressure regulation (drugs & alternatives)
  • Ozone therapy
  • Nosode therapy
  • Homeopathic treatments
  • Essential amino acids
  • Ozone therapy
  • Trace elements
  • Homeopathic treatments
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Ultrasound screening
  • Carotid artery
  • Aorta
  • Leg veins and arteries
  • Thrombosis screening
  • Pain-related syndromes
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Confidence-building
  • Help stopping smoking
  • Asthma
  • Chronic bowel complaints
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Help losing weight
  • Challenges in everyday life
  • Monitoring for organ damage, infections, parasites and fungal infections
  • Strengthens organs
  • Pain relief
  • Chronic bowel complaints
  • Infections
  • Migranes
  • Evaluation of treatment protocols
  • Treatment of side-effects of radiotheryp and chemotherapy
  • Additional amino acid infusions, electrolytes, vitamins and ozone treatment
  • Chelation therapy infusion for patients with heavy metals (amalgam, lead, mercury) in their bodies
  • Organic chlorella footbath
  • Pulse-wave diagnostics and therapy

This muscle test enables us to see how your body reacts to a range of substances / stimlations / foods. It can reveal blockages within the body and help determine what is causing a range of complaints. Results of applied kinesiology are important for deciding which further treatments and therapies should be used.


An electrocardiogram (ECG) is an easy and pain-free way to diagnose heart disease and cardiac arrythmia. The patient lies down on a bed and has a number of electrodes attached to their body. These measure the activity of the heart. Once the examination has been completed we will go through the results with you.


An exercise ECG makes it possible to observe a patient's heart activity and blood pressure at a range of standardised intensity levels.

€ 75

Ultrasound uses non-harmful waves to examine structures within the body.

  • Veins and arteries in the neck: €60

This examination makes it possible to recognise early calcification of veins and arteries connected to the brain. This is important in order to reduce the risk of a stroke.


  • Heart ultrasound: €100

This examination measures the pumping efficiency of the heart and the movement of the heart valves. It is important in order to reduce the risk of heart failure.


  • Stomach ultrasound: €50

This examination scans the internal organs such as the liver, gall bladder and pancreas. It is also a useful tool to identify and treat changes to these organs at an early stage.


  • Kidneys: €40

This examination focuses on the kidneys, spleen, urethra and bladder.

Patients are asked to blow hard into a plastic tube in order to test their lung capacity and bronchial tree. This is a good way to help identify illnesses of the airways at an early stage.


This overall check-up combines standard medicine with the rich knowledge of natural healing. The overall aim is to identify and treat any health-related issues at an early stage, thereby strengthening your health.

  • Detailed conversation and examination     
  • Acupuncture
  • ECG  
  • Laboratory tests
  • Spirography
  • Sonographic ultrasound
  • Exercise bike



Classic acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of ailments. It involves placing needles into certain parts of the body - especially the ears - in order to stimulate the organism's own powers of regulation and healing. It can be used to treat head, neck and back pain as well as stress and tension. Acupuncture of the ear can also be used to treat cravings.

Laser acupuncture is a needle-free alternative particularly aimed at children and babies.

€50 to €70

This treatment takes the patient's own blood and enriches it with oxygen. This stimulates cell growth and kills viruses and fungal infections, increasing the flow of blood to the capillaries and strengthening the ability of cells to fight cancer.


The patient receives an infusion containing substances aimed at strengthening the immune system and vitmains to help stave off infections.


Powerful mix of vitamsin and minerals to strengthen your immune system.


Infusion with essential amino acids for patients suffering with fatigue, stress and exhaustion. This infusion strengthens the immune systems and helps stave off infections.


Using a range of trigger points, this therapy applies natural substances under the skin.


Orthomolecular medicine adds micro-nutrients to the body to help deal with acute and chronic conditions as well as improve overall health and wellbeing.


After a detailed diagnosis, our expert selects one or several homeopathic treatments to deal with your specific needs. 


The detox footbath helps the body rid itself of toxins such as heavy metals, amalgam and uric acid.


The liver is one of the most important organs when it comes to removing toxins from the body. This detox wrap supports the liver's natural detoxifying function and helps eliminate toxins from the body via the lymphatic system. A warm, damp bandage is applied to the upper stomach area. Essential oils (orange) help stimulate the flow of blood to this area and improve the functioning of the liver.


Hypnotherapy is a field of psychology which has been proven in many studies to have a positive effect on physical and mental health. We use hypnotherapy in the following areas: 

  • stress therapy
  • trauma therapy
  • treatment of eating disorders
  • help and support losing weight
  • help and support quitting smoking

After a detailed conversation you are hypnotised in a seated position. While under hypnosis it is possible to work on subconscious blockages, leaving you feeling more relaxed, more secure and more energetic.


The first step is to diagnose allergens using a functional muscle test. Once this is completed we use either standard acupuncture or laser acupuncture to reduce the impact of these allergens on the brain.


Ear candles combine the healing power of warmth and essential oils. This treatment has been shown to have a positive effect on sinusitis, colds, migranes, stress and nervousness. As they burn, the beeswax candles generate gentle waves which massage the ear drum. This balances out the pressure in the area of the ears, nose, sinuses and throat, which are all interconnected.